It fascinates me how gardens & landscapes can promote our creativity, health & well-being. We know how important it is to eat well, exercise and sleep properly. However I believe that the environments which surround us have a much bigger impact on our health, well-being and our ability to be creative than most of us realize. Therefore am exploring the field, and sharing my findings with you on this blog.

I would like to know why nature environments can promote our creativity, health & well-being, I would like to explore what different kinds of landscapes do to us, I would like to discover what is going on within this field around the world, and I would very much like to get in contact with people interested in the same area.

About the author

Trine Plambech is a Landscape Architect and Interaction Designer working at The Alexandra Institute in Denmark. She works with different Research and Development project within the area of sustainability and nature. In her research, she is exploring how nature can promote creativity, health & well-being. Follow her work and nature experiences at and Instagram.

She grew up in a house surrounded by a garden – a garden with places to hide, a playhouse, a place for a bonfire and a lot of different animals. Adjacent to the garden was the forest – large, wild and inviting. These surroundings were her playground, and through the years she experienced, how the natural surroundings could promote her well-being, clear her thoughts, catalyse creativity and make her feel happy.

Why artarbre?

When I should choose a name for this blog I was thinking of a lot of different names. I ended up choosing artarbre because I like the combination of the two words art and arbre: I think nature is a peace of art – it is fascinating, stimulating, beautiful. Arbre means tree in French.

Would you like to share information with me?
If you would like to share some ideas, information etc. with me on this blog, please feel free to write me an e-mail (mail[a] or leave a comment. Thanks a lot…

If you believe my blog abuses your rights to the photographs & information posted, please contact me. I only wish to share information.


Rosemary moore

Very intersting site !
I have a group on LinkedIn called the Healing garden
I am in recent years a landscaper of therapeutic healing spaces the sensory aspects from aroma especially colour are what draw us close yet through my work at a flower essence therapist I’m conscious of connecting to the different aspects of a flower or tree to find relief
working on the different levels can support inspire and balance within
Showing the way to connect is a step in the direction for recovery

Trine Plambech

Thank you very much for your comment and for making me aware of your group at LinkedIn. I agree that the sensory aspects, which are so rich in nature, are very interesting.

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