I simply have to quote from this article in the guardian.co.uk. It describes how growing some of your own food can have a restorative effect on mental health.

“Being part of the natural world, sowing, watering, weeding, pruning, harvesting and eating the plants helps to re-establish one’s individual connection with our planet, its seasons and rhythms. There is, too, enough light exercise to boost endorphin levels. The important thing about the exercise is that it can be taken at the patient’s own pace, without pressure from anyone else. It doesn’t matter if it’s an allotment or a grow bag and a few pots of herbs on a high rise balcony. It is the interaction that matters.
One of the primary causes of depression is loss of control. Out in the garden, far from the madding crowd, the patient is in control making decisions without interference from others. There is only one relationship and that is of the patient with Mother Nature and her healing life force.”

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Written by Trine Plambech


Laura R

I do not have the insight to prove that growing your own vegi will make a depression go away, but there might be something about it. I have just recently got a garden myself, and it’s lovely. I enjoy planting, cutting and watching the plants growing. Some are growing well others are not really getting anywhere – hope it doesn’t give me a depression… 🙂

Trine Plambech

Thank you so much for sharing Laura. It sounds like your garden brings a lot of joy. It is such a pleasure to see things grow – and over the years I am sure you will learn and experience and become ‘close friends’ with your garden. Do you know the book: Den første have af Signe Wenneberg? http://signewenneberg.dk/boger/

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