_Gardening as therapy: spend some time in the garden to improve your wellbeing

Getting into your garden, whether growing your own vegetables, cultivating flowers, or cutting hedges is about much more than the simple joys of eating home grown vegetables or having a place to entertain others. Research shows that these activities in and of themselves enhance our creativity, reduce stress and are great for us in many… Read more »

Gardening is good for you

Growing your own vegetables, taking care of plants, cultivating flowers, cutting hedges and weeding is much more than the joy of eating homegrown vegetables and herbs – it is therapy and in many ways really, really good for us new research from the independent charity King’s Fund shows. Increasing people’s exposure to, and use of, green spaces… Read more »

Is it better to take a walk in nature or in an urban area?

Is it better to take a walk in nature than in an urban area? Two studies comparing walking in an urban setting with walking in a natural park setting. In both, the walk in nature produced benefits for mood and mental acuity while the urban walk did not. In the study the researchers investigated the impact of nature experience… Read more »

Det er ret fantastisk, at en gåtur i naturen kan være så godt for os

En gåtur i skoven er mere end bare en tur i det grønne – det er faktisk rigtigt godt for os både kropsligt og mentalt. Vi bliver i bedre humør Ud over at vi får rørt os, får motion og frisk luft, viser studier, at bekymringer og ængstelse mindskes betydeligt efter en tur i naturen…. Read more »

Er du også en rurbanie?

Har du kastet dig over hjemmedyrkede tomater og krydderurter på altanen? Elsker du at bo i byen men fantaserer om at holde høns? Plukker du ramsløg i byparken og nyder at fremtrylle en lækker ramsløgspesto til din pizza? Tager du familien med ud på landet i weekenderne for at høste æbler eller klappe den ko, som… Read more »

Houseplants can detox your home

Indoor climate has a great impact on human well-being, including comfort, productivity and health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is one of the top five risks to public health. We spend 80-90 percent of our time indoors and about 16 hours every day in our dwelling and therefor it is important… Read more »

New study: Nature contact increases cognitive skills

Physical activities such as climbing a tree, running barefoot and navigating obstacles, even for a few minutes a day, can improve cognitive abilities. The study shows that physical activities that require people to control their bodies while processing new information helps improve working memory. “This research suggests that by doing activities that make us think, we… Read more »

Nye artikler på Videnskab.dk og i Sundhedsnetværket

  Jeg har for nylig udgivet artiklen Naturen kan fremme din kreativitet i Sundhedsnetværket. I artiklen skriver jeg bl.a.: Kreativitet er evnen til at få nye ideer, nye indsigter og se tingene på nye måder. Alle mennesker er kreative, men vi bruger vores kreativitet i forskellig grad og lader den komme til udtryk på forskellige måder…. Read more »

Nordea-fonden støtter et projekt der skal få den vilde natur på middagsbordet

René Redzepis non-profit organisation MAD starter sammen med stærke aktører til efteråret et folkeligt mad- og naturprojekt centreret om smag og bæredygtighed. Formålet er at give folkeskoleelever og resten af Danmark mulighed for at blive bedre til at kokkerere med naturens vilde råvarer igennem gratis undervisning. Med 8,5 millioner kroner fra Nordea-fonden får alle danskere… Read more »

Apps connects you with nature

Mobile apps are a natural part of our daily life and a lot of interesting new apps helps to connect you with nature in different ways. As I have writte about in previous posts research has shown that living near and regularly experiencing greenery has a strong positive effect on city dwellers’ mental health, creativity… Read more »

  • Why Playing in Nature is So Good for Children

    In Denmark we have what we call “Forest Kindergarten” where children spend their Kindergarten time outside in a forest all year round. Here in Copenhagen where there is no forest the children are picked up by buses and taken to the forest. I hear from my friends who have their children in such Forest Kindergartens… Read more »

  • Urban Gardens

    As I have talked about in a previous blog I am very inspired by the movement Urban Gardening and the related Urban Farming. How can we increase natural environments in our urban landscape? In the municipality (Frederiksberg close to the municipality of Copenhagen) where I live they hold the Danish Record of “Number of trees… Read more »

  • Books: Beautiful and Inspiring Reading

    I am about to discover that really many interesting books have been written about healing gardens and garden therapy. I have just finished reading two of them. Both of them written from the heart by authors who professionally work with healing gardens and both of them full of the most magnificent photos. The books are… Read more »

  • A Garden I Would Like to Visit

    There is a garden in the Northern part of Denmark – The Garden in Hune – that I very much would like to visit. The garden has been created by the artist Anne Just (ceramic artist and painter) and is a very personal and absolutely fascinating place. Take a look at the images and imagine… Read more »

  • Book: Healing Spaces

    I have just finished reading the book “Healing Spaces: The Science of Place and Well-Being” by Esther M. Sternberg, MD (published by Harvard University Press). It is a very interesting book. It shows how powerful places, sound & silence and visual aspects can be in moving people from illness to health. The complicated working relationship… Read more »

  • Nature-Based Learning and Play for Autistic and Special Needs Children

    A couple of days ago I took this online training “Nature-Based Learning and Play for Autistic and Special Needs Children” presented by: Naomi Sachs – www.NaomiSachsDesign.com & Tara Vincenta www.artemisLA.com. It was a great and very useful training. In Denmark the focus on the positive benefits of children experiencing the natural world has resulted in… Read more »

  • Bacsac

    Bringing Nature to Urban Spaces

    You don’t have to live near by a forest or have your own garden to get access to the positive benefits of nature. If you like me live in an urban environment with more buildings than trees and more cars than gardens you might still want to invite nature into your daily life. Take a… Read more »

  • Two new Healing Gardens in Copenhagen

    Using gardens as part of a healing process in quit new in Denmark. However it seems as it is about to change. Two new healing gardens are on their way in Copenhagen. A healing garden is “a garden in a healing setting designed to make people feel better” (Eckerling, 1996, link to article). The goal… Read more »

  • How to Cut off the Flower Spike of an Orchid after the Plant Finishes Blooming?

    Flowers makes me happy – they are vital and fragile at the same time – they are beautiful and magic. Sometimes I manage to invite the plant to bloom sometimes it just doesn’t. One of the flowers that I enjoy very much is the orchid. We have several white Phalaenopsis. One of them has been… Read more »

  • The Ultimate Green Area

    We have all experienced it – some places feel so nice and interesting that we want to stay there. We feel relaxed and happy – it is places that we want to return to. Other places just don’t have that “magic touch” and we don’t feel like staying there. What is this “magic touch” that… Read more »

  • An easy to read book about Garden Therapy

    This blog-post is mostly interesting for the Danish readers since the book that I will talk about is in Danish only. I have read the book “Haveterapi” by Signe Wenneberg and it is a quit interesting introduction to the field of garden therapy. The author has talked to 15 different people about what it means… Read more »

  • This is a Dream Come True

    Looking forward to telling you more about it…